Bluh Bluh Huge Diva

Today Brother Jed was at my campus, which he usually does every year to preach against homosexuality, other religions, and in general making students angry. The Theatre department decided to do a peaceful protest,  our teachers let us out of our classes early to participate.

At 12pm sharp, everyone went to the middle of the “yard” where he was preaching, laid down on each other’s stomachs, and took part in rambunctious laughter for 15 minutes. It was a protest of laughter and love against Brother Jed’s condescending and hateful preaching.

While we were doing this, he singled out friends of mine who were homosexual and said they were going to hell. He pointed his finger at couples of the same sex who held hands in the pile and said they were “sodomizing each other.” He even said they were “homo-ing.” But they continued to laugh and cheer and be cheered on by the crowd. 

Afterwards, everyone sang “All You Need is Love” and hugged each other. A couple of girls made out right next to him (and did a fantastic job). The girl he called a lesbian with disgust, tried to hug him while carrying a sign labeled “Free Hugs for All Sinners.” Overall, the peaceful protest was a success, and the mob of theatre students departed for their next classes. 

For more information on Brother Jed and his “going to hell” preachings, here’s his wiki

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